The Rise Of The One Piece Bathing Suit

It used to be a crime to wear a one-piece swimsuit, but now, it is considered trendy. What happened? Society got a little more realistic is what happened.

One piece bathing suits are now giving bikinis trouble and we are not mad about it. All over the runways, we can see famous models publicizing this form of a bathing suit, rather than the once popular two pieces. It’s sort of a take on the 90’s, which happily brings us back to our childhood.

The Rise Of The One Piece Bathing Suit

This time, however, we are not talking speedo brand one pieces. Fashion forecasters say one-piece bathing suits are “fashion forward” at this moment. They are more comfortable and it’s easy to feel much more confident while wearing one. 

The Rise Of The One Piece Bathing Suit

We have been waiting for these to come back into style and now, we have zero complaints. The suit has also been taken to whole new levels. There are long sleeve one pieces, ones with cutouts, short sleeve bathing suits, and pretty much any pattern you can think of.

People might think of bikinis as being the sexiest bathing suit option, but we would have to disagree. In recent times, it seems that more people might be wearing one piece. It might be harder to tan your stomach, but honestly, it looks good and that’s really what it’s all about. 

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