How to Achieve the ‘Mob Bob’ Hairstyle

In 2024, the world of fashion and beauty is obsessed with the so-called ‘mob wife’ look—think high-octane glamor, inspired by looks from TV shows such as The Sopranos, in which Carmella Soprano is never seen without her fabulous nail extensions or big, voluminous hair. Now, a new bob look is entering the lexicon—the ‘mob bob’, inspired by the same ultra-glamorous, sleek and dramatic style. If you want to try this look out yourself, check out these tips on how to achieve this stunning, show-stealing hair.

Blow Dry To Perfection

Get ready to set your blow-dryer on to full blast. The best way to achieve the bouncy, voluminous look is to blow dry your hair. Use a round brush to curl the edges of your bob inwards, and to fluff out your side bangs or face-framing pieces. Set the look with hairspray and you’re good to go.

Shift Your Parting

One of the quickest ways to add even more volume and drama to your hair is to adjust your hair into a side parting. This will pile the majority of your hair up on one side, leading to some glorious waves as well as plenty of volume. A hair oil will add shine, creating some stunningly healthy looking hair.

Take It Longer

Mob bobs tend to fall on the longer side of the bob spectrum. Ask for a cut that just grazes your shoulders. Having your bob cut slightly longer will give you more options when it comes to styling, and will allow you to blow dry in some curls and waves without taking your hair too short.

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