Best Liquid Eyeliner For Beginners

Learning how to properly do your makeup is one of those things that truly marks the transition of someone from being a teenager to being a put together adult. Teenagers tend to take on unnecessary makeup, use too dark of a shade of eyeshadow and mascara, and don't always have the most polished makeup looks.

Eat These Foods to be Happy

Regardless of the season, whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, seasonal changes may elicit behavioral and mental changes in you. One of the coolest things that are able to actively change the way your body behaves is by incorporating foods that tend to make your body happy.

6 Tips for Happy Life

There are many articles and even books out there where you are taught how to be happier, more productive or even have better relationships. However, each of these has to be taken with a grain of salt. A complete guide on how to live your life perfectly, even though unpredictable events, just does not exist.