Fashion Choices that May Be Making You Look Older

When it comes to fashion, things are ever-changing. Styles that were very much in-trend and flattering on you 30 years ago may not be so stylish nowadays.

Curtain Bangs Are The Winter Trend

Whoever seriously thought curtain bangs weren’t ever gonna come back in style should take some time to reevaluate their life. Yes, you heard it, curtain bangs are back and they are better than ever. The curtain bangs were a fan favorite back in the ‘70s, and were made famous by man icons, including Debbie Harry. Now they’re showing up on the likes of celebrities everywhere. Studies are showing that the bangs have shown a 600% spike in pins on Pinterest, and are being found on people’s news feeds across the nation. Who could blame them? Done correctly, the bangs perfectly frame the sides of your face, providing the perfect drapage for your visage.

Closet Staples

One of the best ways to express your individual style is through your fashion choices. Having a variety of outfit options can easily spice up your own personal aesthetic.  And while unique pieces are essential to standing out in the crowd, here are a few essential items that should be found in every fashionista’s closet.