Let’s Take a Look at This Year’s Team USA Uniforms

As the world gears up for the 2024 Paris Olympics, all eyes are on the athletes and, intriguingly, what they will wear. Nike, the longstanding outfitter for Team USA, has unveiled its latest designs. Here’s an overview of the new kits.

Nike’s Athlete-Informed Design Philosophy

Nike’s design for the 2024 Paris Olympics track and field uniforms was heralded as being “the most athlete-informed, data-driven and visually unified” the company has ever produced. Nike involved athletes in the development process to ensure the uniforms met their needs for choice, comfort, and performance.

The aim was to reflect the distinct identities and diverse communities of each sport. As a result, the range includes close to 50 unique track and field uniform options for both men and women. This provides a variety of silhouettes tailored for various sports disciplines, body types, and sizes.

The Medal Ceremony Uniforms

Looking beyond the competition, Nike also revealed the official medal ceremony outfits for Team USA. The designs feature zipped jackets with mock collars and slim-fitting pants, both made from stretch-woven materials with Dri-FIT lining.

Anything Else?

Beyond performance wear, Nike has also embraced cultural trends, unveiling the Nike Jam, its first shoe designed specifically for breakdancing, in celebration of the sport’s Olympic debut in Paris. 

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