The Chrome Nail Trend

With spring rolling around, you may expect to be seeing pastel yellows, baby blues, and soft pinks everywhere. Typically night and colorful tones are the way to go when accessorizing for spring. But with new trends constantly on the rise, there is a new and cool color to keep your eye out for this spring. Especially when it comes to nail polish and manicure upkeep, many women place a ton of importance on how their nails look.

Having your nails done everyday is a very easy way to look put together without any extra steps outside from the hour or so it takes to get your nails done or the 20 minutes it takes to paint your nails yourself. This spring, consider straying away from the expected and normal colors that you will see many people wearing and take a bolder approach.

A new trend that is emerging for the upcoming season is metallic or chrome nails. Metallic nail polish is shiny without being glittery, and you can purchase these types of colors in rose gold, gold, black, chrome, and stainless steel. Many nail salons have begun stocking up on these colors as well and have been incorporating unique designs with these nail colors upon a customer’s request.

Going for a more subdued, metal color will really make you stand out in a crowd where everyone else has colorful nails. Likewise, the metallic color is still pretty neutral and therefore wouldn’t clash with any of your other spring accessory or outfit choices.

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