How Gal Gadot Got Into Shape to Play Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot is an Israeli former model and Miss Israel winner. Today, the actress has become even more famous thanks to the role of Wonder Woman.

In order to get that part after debuting in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gadot had to shape her body a bit and look stronger and less delicate. She made the shift from model to superhero… not an easy thing to do!

How Gal Gadot Got Into Shape to Play Wonder Woman

Gadot grew up in a small Israeli town, she completed her compulsory two-year term of service in the nation’s military. However, that’s not enough — Gadot dominated the intensive three-month military boot camp and earned herself a spot as a combat trainer. Despite Gadot has said that her Wonder Woman workout regimen is “a lot more intensive” than her military training, we are pretty sure that serve in the Israeli Defense Forces is not exactly an easy thing to go! It probably instilled in her the skills of crashing Hollywood workouts.

How Gal Gadot Got Into Shape to Play Wonder Woman

Gadot has always been fit. Her mother worked as a high school physical education teacher, so she taught Gadot to swim at age four and promoted the importance of doing physical activities. Gadot also danced for 12 years, which apparently has helped her immensely with Wonder Woman’s fight choreography.



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