Fashion Rules For Meeting Your Partners Parents

Meeting the parents of a significant other can be extremely nerve-wracking. Odds are that if the relationship has gotten to the point where one wants to introduce you to their family, things may be getting a bit serious. Especially if your partner is close to their family, being invited to meet them may indicate that they are seeking their family’s approval before taking any other major next steps in the relationship.

When meeting one’s parents, it is important to dress in a way that will leave them with a lasting good impression. Here are some guidelines that can help both men and women leave a good impression on their significant other’s parents.

If you have any tattoos, be mindful that while your partner may appreciate them, their family may not. It is important to be self-expressive so if you have a few tattoos, no harm in showcasing a minuscule amount. However, if both of your arms and both of your legs are completely covered, wearing pants and a shirt that isn’t too revealing may be the best way to go.

Before deciding how to dress, you need to know where you will be meeting your partner’s parents. If you will be meeting them at a family cookout, it is acceptable to wear a more casual outfit. If you are meeting them for a dinner, consider dressing a bit more nicely in order to show class and respect.

Don’t wear too much perfume or cologne. The scent may overwhelm your significant other’s folks and turn them off from engaging in conversation or standing to close to you. Avoid anything extremely gaudy or sexy. Avoid super elaborate accessories and definitely avoid anything that you would ever consider wearing to a club.

Meeting your partner’s parents is an extremely exciting step in any relationship and by following these simple rules, you are sure to make a good impression.

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