Important Things to Consider When Buying a New Couch

A couch is more than just a piece of furniture—it’s the heart of your living room, the place where movie nights, lazy Sunday naps, and good conversations happen. Before you dive into the world of sofas and sectionals, there are a few things to consider when searching for the perfect match for your space and lifestyle. Let’s dive in.

What Size?

Before falling in love with a couch, make sure it fits! Measure your available space, considering not only the area where the couch will sit but also the doorways and hallways it will need to pass through upon delivery. 

Fabric and Upholstery

Your choice of upholstery material impacts both the appearance and functionality of your couch. If you have kids or pets, look for durable fabrics like microfiber or leather, which are easier to clean and resist wear. If comfort is your priority, materials like cotton or linen offer softness but might be harder to maintain. 


Do you need your couch to double as a guest bed? If so, a sleeper sofa might be the best choice. Do you want extra storage for living room clutter? Look for a couch with built-in storage underneath. Make sure you keep functionality in mind, not just looks.

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