Everyone Is Obsessed With These Braided Eyebrows

This madness has to stop. Eyebrows trends have gone beyond any limits. This new one makes you literally have a braid instead of your eyebrow. These braided eyebrows are eyebrows which resemble braided hair.

People on the Internet are freaking out. They can’t figure out how she did, how she got such a precise use of the eyebrow, how she even got her eyebrows o long. People can’t find answers and that is driving them crazy. Some say it was made with the help of a wig, some say maybe she got removed some body hair to put them on her eyebrows. People are wondering and demanding for an answer.

Except that, well, there is nothing to wonder here because it is not true. The whole thing is Photoshop. Regardless, the Internet still lost its mind looking at these braided beauties. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture on the Internet of someone who actually succeeded to braid his or her eyebrows. However, we hope it will not happen because that is way too much. A braid should only go in your hair and that’s about it.

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