This Pedicure Trend is a Little Fishy

Okay, so there are constantly new beauty trends being introduced into society via social media platforms and word of mouth. One of the most recent trends to emerge is getting a spa pedicure that involves a bunch of tiny little fish that are included in the process. This trend is extremely popular among celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians, among many more.

Everyday Struggles of Busty Women

Okay, so let's be real. Growing up as a young girl in somewhat confused, somewhat angsty, and somewhat socially awkward pre-teen and teenage years, there was usually one wish shared by the majority of girls ages 12- 16. That wish was to develop a sizable bust. Whether it is because girls wanted to look more mature, appear more girly, or just wanted boys to notice them, many young girls dream of the day where large boobs will suddenly appear.

Makeup Looks For all Ages

Wearing makeup is one of those rights of passage moments that any girl can't wait to experience. Girls start wearing makeup typically between their middle school and high school years. The ages of makeup experimentation does vary, though, and some girls start experimenting with makeup much earlier or much later than their peers.