This Pedicure Trend is a Little Fishy

Okay, so there are constantly new beauty trends being introduced into society via social media platforms and word of mouth. One of the most recent trends to emerge is getting a spa pedicure that involves a bunch of tiny little fish that are included in the process. This trend is extremely popular among celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians, among many more.

This Pedicure Trend is a Little Fishy

The type of fish that are involved in this pedicure process is called the Garra Rufa fish, or otherwise known as “doctor fish”. These fish originally come from the fresh water of central Eurasian rivers.

So how exactly does this pedicure work? Well, these fish essentially use your feet for their lunch. The Garra Rufa fish has the ability to eat dead skin without drawing blood or damaging any healthy skin cells.

And while the thought of little fish biting your feet may turn you off, it is good to note that these fish don’t even have teeth. They are able to rid your skin of dead cells by sucking off your dry skin.

This Pedicure Trend is a Little Fishy

These fish are typically starved in order to most effectively remove all of the patient’s dead skin. This has moral implications for some who believe that starving these fish is wrong and should not be done.

This Pedicure Trend is a Little Fishy

Another concern is that because they are living creatures, the fish can’t be sterilized and are often used between patients, which may increase the ability for infections to spread.

This super weird, yet super popular trend seems to be continuing to grow as acclaim builds for the softness that the pedicure provides and the cool experience that many people seek when engaging in this type of pedicure.

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