We’re Loving Becca Cosmetics Skincare Line, Skin Love


Becca, a brand known for its skincare line, is growing its arsenal of cosmetic products. The Shimmering Skin Perfector creator combined forces with makeup industry giant GlamGlow for a project called We Know Glow collection. Their aim is to help women achieve glowing and radiant skin with and without makeup.

Launched just this month, the union produced the Skin Love collection which muddies the divide between skincare and cosmetics. The collection includes serums, highlighters, and foundations that cover up imperfections while it heals your skin.

Were Loving Becca Cosmetics Skincare Line, Skin Love

The serum is an excellent product that hydrates and locks-in the moisture before you put on A foundation. It has Becca’s Glow Nectar Brightening Hydra Complex that gives the skin radiance that even movie stars achieve only through cinematic editing.

The Skin Love Glaze Stick helps you achieve a glistening skin. It’s applied on cheeks, eyelids, and lips. It contains Vitamin C, cold pressed avocado, and ginger to nourish as well as beautify your skin.

Were Loving Becca Cosmetics Skincare Line, Skin Love

One of the expected favorites is the Weightless Blur Foundation in 24 shades that create a look that can help you achieve the perfect minimalist beauty. It basically gives a medium coverage but it can be built up to give you a fuller coverage if you would so choose. 

All of these products will truly help you achieve that natural healthy glow that only Becca can provide while giving you the benefit of wearing GlamGlow’s signature shine. 

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