The Best Mascaras

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”. You wouldn’t put windows on your house without the frames right? The same goes for your eyes- no beauty look is complete without the perfect mascara. Whether you want your lashes fresh and natural, curly, feathery or a bold and fierce fringe, you must have the right wand and formula to make it happen. Check out these options that range from drugstore favorites to designer selections!

You’ll Love These British Online Stores

Let’s be honest. Most women love to online shop. Shopping for makeup products, household items, and even more recently, food, has become extremely popular among many women of various ages. Even with all of the access to these different online shopping items, though, one of the industries that continues to see the most growth in online shopping is the apparel and clothing industry.

Which Subscription Box Should You Have?

Subscription boxes are the new trend that can either be super worth it and can save you a ton of money or become a money pit for things you don’t need. It’s important to note that before you order any of the boxes that you read all the reviews and do the research. Look at what types of products come in the box, that way you’re not disappointed when it arrives on your doorstep. Some of the boxes cost more than the actual products but when you add all the individual product costs together the box ends up being way less. Although, the products they give are often sample sizes and not full sized. Overall, these products are super fun and exciting. Getting a box of goodies once a month without knowing what’s in it is always something to look forward to! The subscription boxes we highlight are really great for women who like small gifts once a month consistently, treat yo self! If you’re new to the whole subscription thing, then definitely choose the cheapest option and decide if you like it! If you do like it then you can start going for the more expensive ones and really seeing what you like. None of the boxes cost more than $49.99 a month so either way you’re getting your bang for your buck!