USB Rechargeable Lamps Are What You Need 

If you find yourself often bumping into sharp corners in non-properly lit spaces like closets, staircases, or bathrooms, this quick, cheap fix is just for you. In three words: USB rechargeable lamps. And, in slightly more words: who knew there’s such a huge online variety of compact lighting aids that only require a couple of charging hours to light up your darkest night?

For Building Stairwells and Closets

The best-suited scenarios for using a rechargeable lamp are rooms or spaces that are often empty – therefore, can remain unlit – but once you finally enter them, you really need that bit of light to keep from royally falling on your face. There are actually some amazing little USB lamps online designed for just those types of spaces. The best ones can be attached to the wall with a magnet, which means once they run out of battery you can easily remove them, charge for an hour or two, and put them back on the wall. Works like magic!

For Bedtime Relaxation

Another great use for USB lamps is for rooms that weren’t designed with enough sockets in strategic locations. In such cases, a rechargeable lamp can fix you up for a few nights (depending on how long your bedtime reading session lasts). In this department, it’s recommended to opt for more decorative designs, as they won’t end up hidden inside the internal wall of your closet. Also, there are some unbelievably cute, soft silicone designs for little kids.

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