The Towelkini Might Be This Summer’s Hottest Beach Trend

As the summer season approaches, beachgoers are on the lookout for the latest trends in swimwear and beach accessories. This year, a unique and somewhat unconventional item has been making waves online: the Towelkini. Part towel, part bikini, and part dress, the Towelkini might just be the quirkiest yet most talked-about addition to your beach ensemble.

The Towelkini is the brainchild of Aria McManus, a New York-based artist and conceptual designer. The Towelkini is 100% cotton. It sports a hole at the top for the head and two additional openings for the legs. The simplicity of its design means you can lay it down and use it as a towel on the sand. Then, simply, slip into it when you’re ready to walk around or lounge in style. 

The Towelkini quickly became a viral sensation, sparking varied reactions across social media and fashion blogs. The mixed reviews and humorous takes in the media highlight Towelkini’s role as not just a fashion statement but also a piece of performance art. It challenges conventional ideas about swimwear and public attire.

While it remains to be seen whether the Towelkini will stand the test of time as a beachwear staple, its current popularity is undeniable. 

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