Feeling Overwhelmed? 4 Signs You’re Taking on Too Much

If your life has been feeling like a non-stop rollercoaster lately, you might be stretching yourself too thin. How can you tell for sure? Well, here are some telltale signs that you’re taking on more than you can handle.

Double Booking

Ever find yourself agreeing to hang out with two different friends at the same time, only to find out at the last minute and being forced to disappoint them? Looks like your planner (and mind) needs some rearranging.

Plan Amnesia

You’re great at making plans, but remembering them? Not so much. If you’re starting to gain a reputation as someone who consistently forgets to show up, this might be a major sign that your brain can’t keep up with it all.

Constant Feeling of Stress

Stress is part of modern life, but when it becomes your BFF, it’s time to reevaluate. Your to-do list shouldn’t make you break out in a cold sweat every time you glance at it.

Neglecting Self-Care

Sleep is overrated, right? Well, wrong. You deserve more than just surviving on caffeine and snacks. If you find yourself neglecting proper hydration, healthy eating, and the occasional facial – it’s time to check yourself.

Queen put it best: It’s a hard life. However, it shouldn’t be a barely-getting-by type of hard. If it’s starting to feel like it, make sure to pause, take a deep breath, and rethink your priorities. The less-crucial stuff just might have to be put on hold for a while.

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