Two Albino Brazilian Twin Sisters Take Control of the Fashion Industry

Albinism is a condition that impacts a person’s skin and hair color. It causes an individual to look incredibly pale and white. Some people who are affected by this condition might be embarrassed about it. However, these two 11 year old Brazilian twin sisters are not. Due to their unique look, they began working in the modeling industry and it has been a successful endeavor.

Their names are Lara and Mara. Although they are from Brazil, their family originates from Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. This makes their unique look even more intriguing, especially since only 1 in every 20,000 people is diagnosed with albinism. Many photographers want to work with the twins, including famous Swiss photographer Vinicius Terranova. He created a series of photos of the twins called Flores Raras, which means rare flower.

The twins also have an older sister whom they photograph with. However, she is not impacted by the change in skin pigmentation and therefore looks extremely different from her younger siblings. Photographers from all over have been taking pictures of the three sisters to show the beauty of them as a whole, despite their beautiful differences.

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