These are the Best Tinted Sunscreens on the Market Right Now

In the world of skincare, tinted sunscreens are a game-changer, offering the dual benefits of sun protection and a touch of color to even out skin tone. They’re perfect for those looking for a lightweight, natural alternative to foundation. Among the many options available, Colorescience Flex Shield, Tower 28, and Milk Sunshine Tint stand out for their quality and effectiveness.


Colorescience Flex Shield has made waves for its innovative formula that adapts to different skin tones. This mineral sunscreen offers broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection, using only physical filters. It’s particularly loved for its ability to blend seamlessly into the skin, providing coverage without clogging pores or feeling heavy.

Tower 28

Tower 28’s tinted sunscreen is a favorite among those with sensitive skin. It offers SPF 30 protection with a gentle, mineral-based formula free from irritants like fragrance and parabens. The sheer tint is designed to enhance your natural complexion while soothing and protecting the skin.


Milk Sunshine Tint rounds up the list with its modern approach to skin protection. This SPF 30 sunscreen is infused with skincare benefits, offering hydration and a radiant finish. The lightweight formula provides a smooth, dewy look, and its range of shades ensures a match for various skin tones.

Each of these tinted sunscreens combines effective sun protection with cosmetic appeal, making them a must-have in your daily skincare routine. Whether you’re seeking high SPF, skin-friendly ingredients, or a radiant finish, there’s a product here to meet your needs.

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