Ideas for a Self-Care Night in

It’s always a great idea to schedule some rest time each week. Even if you haven’t been super busy, it’s still really important to put aside some time to just chill and relax. Having a night in is perfect for this, and works equally well with friends, a partner, or by yourself. If you’re after some ideas for ways to treat yourself, then here are a few thoughts to get you started. 

Face Mask

This is the classic image when you think of a pamper night in. But this is for good reason—it’s a great way to show yourself some love and attention and it feels super indulgent. There are loads of different kinds to choose from, from thick mud ones to the thin peeling kind.

Reading a Magazine

There’s something about the glossy pages of a magazine that feels like such a treat. There are magazines for all topics these days so you’re bound to find something that grabs your attention. Sit back with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine and lose yourself in the shiny world. 

Hair Mask

Similar to the face mask, this activity is super indulgent and can’t help but get you feeling relaxed and pampered. You’ll also notice significant results on your hair’s moisture levels and conditioning. 

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