Should You Try Barefoot Shoes?

The interest in barefoot shoes has steadily been increasing. Barefoot shoes are very different from the standard shoes you find in shops so it’s quite a significant change to make. If you’re interested in the idea of barefoot shoes but aren’t quite sure if it would be right for you, then here is some information to help you consider what’s best for you. 

What Are Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes are also known as ‘minimalist’ footwear, with their aim to try to replicate being barefoot to allow the feet to walk as naturally as possible. This means a thin, flexible sole, a zero drop or very low heel, and a ‘foot-shaped’ design with a wider toe box.

Do You Find Standard Shoes Uncomfortable?

Many people get into barefoot shoes due to finding standard shoes super uncomfortable, whether it’s the pointed toes or the heel height. If this sounds familiar and the above description of barefoot shoes sounds good to you, then it may well be worth a try. However, if you find your shoes to be comfortable then it may not be worth it to change them all over. 

Transitioning Can be Difficult

Depending on your age and your foot health, transitioning to barefoot shoes can be a challenge. They take a while to get used to and often require some exercises to be done alongside to train your feet. 

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