Nicole Kidman’s Tips for Curly Haired Girls

Nicole Kidman is gorgeous and always looks impeccable.

She has curly hair and she loves it, so she decided to give tips to those who have it too. Lately, she has been having a more casual look with her naturally curly hair.

She said curly hair should not be taken for granted. She suggested to all the young curly girls to keep their curls! If you straighten too much you risk losing them.

Nicole Kidmans Tips for Curly Haired Girls

She added that there’s nothing more important than being appreciative of what you have. Curls are something special and we should stop believing that they are not as beautiful as straight hair.

If you do straighten them a lot, despite Kidman’s advice, we suggest you use products to avoid ruining the hair too much. Try to straighten your hair as rarely as possible.

Nicole Kidmans Tips for Curly Haired Girls

Your natural hair will pay the consequences and you’ll become a slave of the hairdresser or the straightener. Whether you have straight or curly hair, embrace it and be comfortable and confident with what you have!

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