MadFit’s Dance Party Workouts Will Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level


If you’re looking for a way to infuse your workouts with some positive energy, dance cardio will get you there. Many fitness YouTubers rely on it to make their videos fun and accessible, including Maddie Lymburner of MadFit, and here are some of her very best dance party workouts.

K-Pop Dance Party

K-pop music experienced a huge boom in the past few years, and Lymburner loves it as much as the rest of us. She made room for some of the leading South Korean artists in this workout video, including BTS, Blackpink, and Mamamoo.

One Direction Dance Party

It’s been years since members of One Direction went their separate ways, but Lymburner still religiously listens to their songs. She created several videos choreographed to the music of this boy band and its individual members, including this one.

Taylor Swift Dance Party

Taylor Swift’s songs have always been great workout playlist material due to their catchy beat. This dance party workout includes such hits as “You Belong With Me”, “Shake It Off”, and “Delicate”, but you can find many more on MadFit’s YouTube channel.

80’s Dance Party

If modern music doesn’t do it to you, and you want a workout that will transport you back in time, make sure to check out this nostalgic video featuring songs from Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.