How To Keep Your Lips and Skin Hydrated This Winter

It’s that time of year again when the air becomes crisp and all of your extremities seem to become a bit more parched. The winter is a really fun season filled with holiday cheer and some pretty cool holidays.

However, what’s not so cool is the pain that can accompany the cold air of winter. This pain can come from a mixture of things, from chapped lips to dry fingers, here are two products that will help you overcome some of the not as pleasant things that come along with winter time.

How To Keep Your Lips and Skin Hydrated This Winter

First, a huge tip is to invest in a tub of petroleum jelly. And whether it is Vaseline or just a generic brand, petroleum jelly is extremely soothing for your lips.

If you keep this container by your bed and make sure to slather a decent amount of your lips every night before you go to sleep, you will be sure to wake up with lips that are not chapped and actually feel pretty hydrated.

How To Keep Your Lips and Skin Hydrated This Winter

Another product to look into if you tend to suffer the discomforts that winter can inflict is Cortisone. Again, you can buy a generic brand of the cream and it will most likely do the exact same thing.

This product really deeply moisturizes your hands when they are extremely dry. This cream is pretty strong, so make sure not to use it every day. However, if you rub this cream into your hands before you go to sleep, you will wake up with significantly less dryness and irritation on your hands.

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