How to Integrate the Latest Trends Into Your Personal Style

Fashion is an industry, but personal style is what you do with the clothing, the trends, and your own creativity to make it into something for yourself. While fast fashion stores do a great job churning out popular trend pieces, they don’t always help the shopper develop their own look.

We know everyone’s personal style is more than just trendy, girly or modern — so what defines you as a dresser? First and foremost, what makes you feel happy? What stands out to you at a store, what colors pop or pieces look cool? What items in your closet do you wear the most? This should be the easiest step because it’s all about what you really like the most.

How to Integrate the Latest Trends Into Your Personal Style

You know that dress that perfectly hugs your curves and makes you feel like a model? Or those jeans you literally cannot live without? What are the pieces you consider your safety net when you don’t know what to wear or the clothes that make you feel and look like a rock star?

My personal style features a few signatures: rings, leather jackets, and graphic tees. You can try making one color your signature color or pick a nail color, lipstick color, etc. Having a signature piece can help you tie your look together and help you feel more put together — but if you can’t pick one, don’t force it.

How to Integrate the Latest Trends Into Your Personal Style

If you’re constantly trying to chase trends each season and only wearing the “hot” pieces on social media is that really your tried-and-true personal style for the next two, five or 15 years? Instead of looking like a walking trend report for the previous runway season, integrate trend components into your personal style. 

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