Full-Body Workouts to Get Your Fitness Fix

If you want to get fit and ensure that your whole body is well-conditioned but a little short on time, then the time has come to get creative. While many fitness programs prove complicated and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some effective full-body workouts that are quick yet perfect for activating your whole body.


While this may seem to primarily be a leg workout, doing squats properly actually requires you to activate your core and maintain a firm posture. What’s more, doing squats properly and picking up your speed can also improve your acceleration and functionality.


Interestingly, it’s sometimes an exercise with a lack of movements that makes the biggest impact. In order to hold a firm plank position, you’ll need to engage your core, shoulders, glutes, and lower back, making for a holistic workout.


While exploding upwards works your upper body, the lowering down of the squat will activate your thighs, calves, and glutes. There is also the push-up, which conditions your chest, shoulders, and lower back in addition. If you find it too challenging to do the push-up segment of this workout, you can also do a leg extension. As you lower down, go into the plank position and pull your knees up to your chest before bursting them out to full extension.

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