From Mermaidcore to Dark Wood, Here Are Etsy’s Top 2023 Home Decor Trends

We’re already a few months into 2023, but it’s never too late to give your home a total makeover. Etsy recently unveiled the list of the biggest home décor trends to emerge in recent months, from whimsical mermaid-core aesthetic to vintage furniture and dark wood accents.

The majority of trends on Etsy’s list are all about giving your home a classy retro vibe. Vintage patterns are all the rage on this platform, with Etsy users searching for embroidered botanical items and vintage wallpapers. “Parisian interiors” also made it to Etsy’s list, and this trend is all about embracing the French aesthetic through custom oil paintings, vintage wall mirrors, and marble sinks.

Dark wood is all the rage on Etsy, as well, especially walnut desks/accessories and brown seating or furniture. Paper lighting is also going stronger than ever, with many Etsy users trying to embrace this eco-friendly trend through hanging paper lanterns and rice paper lighting.

If you want to keep your home décor fun, dreamy, and colorful this spring and summer, mermaidcore is about to become your new favorite trend. This aesthetic will invite under-the-sea vibes into your home and it’s all about shell, pearl, and sea glass motifs.

Etsy also predicts that “rugs with personality” will be going stronger than ever this spring. You should also keep a close eye on “jewelry for the home”, such as unique wall hooks, brass kitchen hardware, gemstone décor, and suncatcher prisms.

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