ColourPop Will Officially Be Selling Foundation and For Only $12

ColourPop is releasing a foundation collection for the very first time. It will be called the No Filter Complexion Collection and there will be 42 different shades available for sale. The company is known to provide products in numerous shades, so it comes as no surprise that they have done the same here. Every girl can find the perfect shade to match her skin.

The foundation in the no Filter Complexion Collection will cost only $12.

The collection will also feature a variety of setting powders for $9 each, matte powders for $9 each, and two different kind of foundation brushes for $8 each. The products will officially be available on June 14th.

These products are the best for summer and give your skin a natural glowing look.

All 42 shades are evenly distributed into 6 major categories of skin type: fair, light, medium, dark, medium dark, and deep dark. The formula is vegan and oil free, which enables it to mesh beautifully with your skin.

ColourPop also has a massive shade range for their concealer products. Now, customers can find the perfect match of concealer and foundation.

With such a high end products selling at low prices, ColourPop continues to grow as a major player in the beauty industry.

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