Amazing Paper Makeup

Just before you thought there weren’t enough kinds of makeup in the world one more was added to the long extensive list. Ever heard of makeup paper? It works just like a blotting paper that you’d use for oily skin so it’s all about dabbing and tapping.

To use, one side of the paper will have color on it. Tear one sheet from the booklet and press it on your face to apply color. Turn over to the other side to blend the color to achieve the desired look and voilà! It’s the applying of makeup made 100 times simpler and just as effective.

This is the idea Mai couture worked on and presented bronzer paper, foundation paper, and highlighter paper. You can also get a booklet of blush as well. You can get makeup paper for your base, cheeks, lips, and anything you would use makeup for. Instead of having to carry little cases of your makeup, now you can easily just pick a makeup booklet, tear a sheet out of it and swipe it across your face.

The papers are infused with color pigments that help you to refresh your makeup when on the go. The booklets are TSA approved as well as parabens and talc free. Certain booklets cost about $15 for a booklet of 50.

Not too bad, right? It might be worth giving them a shot. What a smart way to make the process of applying makeup more efficient and easier to travel with. Throw those heavy pots of makeup away because the paper makeup sheets are rolling in!

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