5 Minute Make Up Tips


When it comes to makeup, the less is better. All women should find a way to put little makeup and look fabulous. For this reason, we want to share with you some life-changing beauty tips. Instead of wearing red lipstick, wear orange. It will give a special light to your face, add some mascara and eye makeup and you’ll be gorgeous. Another option is a hot pink lipstick. Add blush on your cheeks and mascara and you’ll look breathtaking. 

5 Minute Make Up Tips

When it comes to your skin, the most important makeup to put is a highlighter. It makes your bone structure more defined and gives you a relaxed facial expression. You can use powder if your skin is oily and cream if it’s dry. But watch out: don’t apply it on all of your face just in the right spots (brow bones, top of cheekbones and down the nose). 

5 Minute Make Up Tips

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