5 Festive Trends From H&M Home You Should Embrace This Holiday Season


H&M Home is one of the leading home décor brands on the market, so we can count on them to give us some major inspiration every holiday season. They didn’t disappoint this year, and here are five trends from their Instagram page worth embracing this holiday season.

Candy Cane Décor

From gigantic candy cane decorations to candles, paper wrapping, ornaments, and Christmas stockings with red and white patterns, H&M Home is really pushing candy cane décor this holiday season.

White Christmas Trees

If you’re bored of green Christmas trees and want to switch things up, white Christmas trees will do the trick and make your colorful ornaments truly pop.

Checkered Details

Chess board-inspired checkered patterns have been all the rage in the past year or two, and they’re now coming for Christmas ornaments, thanks to H&M Home.

Retro Ornaments

Retro ornaments that look straight out of the ‘50s are making a huge comeback this holiday season. If you can’t find any in your old collection, head to H&M because they have some pretty nostalgic ornaments in store.

Paper Decorations

Decorations made with natural materials are going stronger than ever right now, and H&M Home couldn’t resist embracing this craze.