2D Comic Book Nails Are Fall’s Biggest Nail Art Trend

2022 is slowly coming to a close and it’s given us some pretty amazing beauty trends, but none of them compares to the latest nail art craze. 2D nails are taking the world by storm this fall, and they’ll give your nails an amazing comic book vibe.

This cartoonish style is all about giving your nails a 2D effect by painting black and white lines around the perimeters of the nail. By doing so, you’ll give your nails another dimension, mimicking the animated drawings from the comic books.

To make the whole thing even better, you don’t have to be a pro to recreate this look, and you can simply do it by painting a few black and white lines on your nails.

When this trend first emerged, nail artists kept it pretty simple and minimal, sticking to neutral colors, such as white and beige. Brown also emerged as a popular shade because these nails started trending in the fall. Most people doing this manicure also opted for a matte finish, to replicate the look of the paper.

If neutral colors simply aren’t your thing, and you want your manicure to truly pop, don’t despair. Comic book nails can easily be combined with a vibrant color palette and they shine the brightest once that happens. Possibilities are pretty much endless, and you can even add some glitter, metallic ombre finish, or tiny drawings to the mix.

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