3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

Making a bed each morning is one of those chores we’d all rather avoid—after all, we’ll just crawl back in each night. Even though it might feel like a waste of time, making one’s bed comes with a long list of benefits you should keep in mind, starting with these three.

Better Productivity

Making a bed each morning may increase your productivity because it sends a sign to your brain that your day has started. Completing this chore is a stepping stone for a chain of good decisions you’ll make throughout the day because you’ll be starting each morning with a sense of accomplishment.

Impact on Mental Health

In addition to being good for your productivity, making a bed can have a positive impact on your overall mental health. The way your bedroom looks can significantly impact your mood, especially if you’re working from home. You feel more relaxed and grounded if your bed is made, significantly decreasing your stress level.

Better Sleep Quality

Research has shown that people who make their bed every morning are more likely to have better sleep quality. A cluttered bedroom and undone bed may be impacting your sleep quality so it’s a good idea to make this tiny change if you’re struggling to get proper rest.

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