Shop Disney Style Dresses at Disney World

Disney World is the perfect place for Disney lovers. There are the shops, the fun attractions and the themed restaurants. Everything feels like a fairytale and seems to be in a dream.

From now on, you’ll be able to bring a piece of your fairytale home thanks to this new shop that was just opened in Disney World.

It is a dress shop on Cherry Tree Lane and will make your dreams come true. The dress shop offers high-end dresses inspired by Disney characters, movies, and park attractions.

You’ll be able to wear the exact same outfit of your Disney role model, whether it’s a princess like Cinderella or a warrior like Mulan.

The prices range from $100 to $160, which is not so bad considering the uniqueness of their products.

For now, the dresses are only available at the store, but eventually, you will be able to buy them online as well. Think how cool you will look at the next costume party with an authentic Disney gown!

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