Yelp’s List of the Top 10 Food Trends for 2023 is As Wild As It Gets

It’s that time of the year when lists of trend predictions are popping up everywhere, and we’re especially fond of the ones concerning food. Yelp shared their own list of the top ten food trends for 2023, and some of their choices are pretty wild. Happy meals are making a comeback, people.

Many drinks made it to Yelp’s list of trend predictions, some more expected than others. Seeing mocktails make the cut wasn’t a shocker since they’ve been going strong for a few years. The same goes for “dirty sodas”, one of TikTok’s most popular viral food trends this year.

On the more unexpected side, Yelp is predicting the comeback of one nostalgic favorite—slushies. Several traditional drinks from all around the world also made the cut, including the beloved Mexican cocktail michelagua and the Japanese favorite hojicha tea.

The list of unexpected predictions also includes oxtails, aka tail of cattle, and pickle-flavored foods, from cocktails to ice cream. Yelp’s experts also believe we’ll be craving nostalgia and comfort in 2023, turning to such fast-food classics as McRib and Happy Meals.

Instagram-friendly food trends won’t be going anywhere next year, including the viral pastry The Suprême from Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery in New York. Experimental dining will also be all the rage, from underwater restaurants to dinner theaters.

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