Why Two Weeks is the Perfect Workout Trial Length

When you start a new workout routine, it can be hard in the beginning. You may have some doubts whether or not this routine is right for you. Maybe you think you’re not enjoying it enough, or perhaps you don’t feel like you’re getting enough results. But this kind of thinking is a bit premature, because you need to give it time. Here’s why two weeks is the perfect amount of time before making these kinds of decisions.

It’s The Perfect Balance

First off, two weeks is just enough time where if you’ve done everything correctly, you should start seeing proper results. Granted, they won’t be so obvious, but they should be enough that you can then decide if your hard work is worth it. Two weeks is also the amount of time where the workout itself starts to get easier.

But there’s yet another reason why two weeks is the magic duration of time. It’s long enough to see results, but it’s also short enough that you won’t get burned out before you even reach the end of your workout cycle. This means that you’ll create a perfect sample size to check on yourself, and actually go through with it! Anyone who’s ever given up on a workout knows how valuable this is—so make sure you give your routine at least two weeks before deciding if it’s right for you!

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