Why Table Dressing is Going Nowhere in 2024

Table dressing is the art of decorating a table so that it looks beautiful and well-curated. It’s been a big trend of 2023, and is going nowhere next year. Check out these tips on how to get your table dressing right, and have fun experimenting with a table dressing style to suit you.

Keep It Natural

Table dressing doesn’t have to use lots of store bought accessories, in fact some of the most effective spreads are those which make use of the ingredients used in the meal. Create a bouquet from salad leaves, hang bunches of herbs from the ceiling and don’t forget to include vases of locally bought flowers.

Stick To A Theme

You can make a style statement simply by sticking to one color theme, as demonstrated here in this stunning white and cream spread. Simple, classy and elegant, the best part about this form of table dressing is that it’s easy and quick for you to set up.

Rich And Bright Shades

Create a memorable spread with some stunning bright shades which will bring cheer and excitement to your dining table. Don’t worry too much about shade matching, if you’re going for a more maximalist look a little color clash is no bad thing.

Table dressing is a fun and on trend activity which can make a dinner party even more memorable and exciting.

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