Why Over-Worrying is Counter-Productive

When it comes to all the different things we have to deal with in life, it can often lead to worry. Sometimes worrying can come from a healthy place, but more often than not it’s completely unnecessary. In this article, we’re going to discuss why worrying really doesn’t help matters at all, even when it seems like it does.

It Doesn’t Change a Thing

The first thing that should be addressed is that worrying doesn’t change the outcome of whatever it is you’re worrying about. We, as humans, sometimes have a desire to be in control of everything—and that’s what we think we’re accomplishing by worrying about unknown factors at play. However, the outcome that’s on the way, whether it’s positive or negative, won’t change if you worry or not. So you might as well not worry.

It’s Not About the Outcome

It’s important to realize that our mindset tends to stick around even after the outcome passes. In other words, we think our worrying will end once it’s all over, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s important to cultivate your mindset regardless of what events are taking place. That way, if you’re relaxed, you’ll be that way even when there’s a daunting situation before you.

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