What Is Goth Glam and How to Wear It

Goth glam is a style that merges the dark, mysterious elements of gothic fashion with the polished, sophisticated aspects of glamour. This trend is a bold expression of power and dark feminine energy, perfect for those looking to make an impactful style statement. Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding Goth Glam

Goth glam is characterized by its monochromatic and moody aesthetics. It’s often achieved through heavy eye makeup, including liners and shadows, coupled with a bold lip in darker hues. The essence of goth glam is in its poised and put-together nature, which makes it different from other grunge or overly dramatic styles. It’s a blend of glam, femininity, darkness, and power. 

How to Wear Goth Glam

Think smoky eyes, dark lipstick, and ample use of black eyeliner. The goal is to create a look that is both intriguing and a bit intimidating. While goth glam focuses on bold eye makeup and lips, the rest of the face is usually more neutral. This balance prevents the look from becoming overwhelming and maintains its sophisticated edge.

Occasions for Goth Glam

Goth glam is perfect for evening events, parties, and occasions where you want to make a bold fashion statement. 

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