What Gal Gadot Eats to Keep Her Killer Figure


Most people in the United States are familiar with Gal Gadot. Gal is originally from Israel and starred in the incredibly successful 2017 movie Wonder Woman. Growing up in Israel, Gal served in the Israeli Defense Forces, won the Miss Israel competition in 2004, and even attended law school. She is extremely accomplished, strong, and successful. So, how does Gal Gadot actually stay in such wonderful shape?

What Gal Gadot Eats to Keep Her Killer Figure

Well, she actively enjoys paddle boarding and TRX. Along with exercise, you may be thinking that she eats a very minuscule diet of veggies and fruits in order to maintain such a fit and slender physique. Here is what Gal Gadot actually eats in a day. Some of her meals may be surprising.

What Gal Gadot Eats to Keep Her Killer Figure

To start off, Gal always eats breakfast and uses this as a time to set a positive example for her daughter. In the mornings, Gal makes smoothies that include parsley, celery, green apple, and ginger.

An important rule that she lives by is making sure that her diet consists of roughly 30-40% veggies per day. She also eats a lot of lean chicken and fish in order to know that she is putting healthy food as fuel into her body. She also has a strict, “no restrictions” rule.

What Gal Gadot Eats to Keep Her Killer Figure

Gal Gadot eats healthily for the majority of the time, but when she has an unhealthy craving, she doesn’t deprive herself. She is all about balance, moderation, and portion control. She also enjoys a regular cup of coffee, wholesome snacks such as avocado toast and peppers, and even the occasional dessert.  One of her favorite pastries to indulge in is Burke, a traditional Middle- Eastern pastry that is typically served savory style, with eggs, olives, and tomatoes.

So, looks like this Wonder Woman has found the way to embrace health and indulgence in her life with a balanced diet that keeps her full, sane, and slim.



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