What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?

Makeup is one of the most powerful tools that ladies everywhere can use to express their personal styles. You can glamorize any party look with smoky mascara, glittery eyeshadow, and killer fake lashes or mascara. You can rock any interview with a natural looking, yet sophisticated neutral look. You can even brush your entire face with highlighter, blush, and foundation in order to create an airbrushed effect. The power of makeup is greater than many people realize, and has the ability to influence your look to match any mood that you’re going for.

What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?

Lipstick is one of the most versatile options of makeup. Lipsticks come in a ton of different varieties. Cosmetic brands offer matte color, bright shades, lip plumper, glossy finishes, and even fruit- flavored options. Lipsticks are fun and easy ways to perk up and perfect any look. However, different types of lipstick have different effects.

Red lipstick

If you want to look super glamorous and powerful, go ahead and rock a bold, red lip. Red lipstick is perfect when you want to add a sexy fierceness to your overall look.

What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?


Matte/ neutral lipstick

If you want to look natural but still have a little bit of color on your lips, go with a matte, neutral or slightly mauve or pink shade. This will give you a polished look without being too bold.

What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?


Simple gloss

 If you want to look put together, sophisticated, yet a little bit flirty, a simple glossy color is right for you. You can wear this to work, to the mall, or out to dinner and your slightly sparkling lips will be sure to impress everyone you see.

What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?


Bright colors

If you are looking to truly make a statement with your look, don’t shy away from vibrant and bright shades. These colors can be a really fun way to make yourself stand out. Purples, blues, pinks, yellows, and virtually any other colors that you can imagine offering a perfect way to break out of your shell and embrace a funky look.

What Do These Lipstick Colors Convey?

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