5 Things That Will Help You Relax

Feeling overwhelmed with school, work, or just life? Here are a few quick and easy ways to relax.


Sometimes the best thing one could need for stress is sleep. Those who tend to be more overwhelmed usually have more late nights in others. Start by going to bed earlier. Put your phone down when you get in bed so you will fall asleep earlier and won’t begin to think about what’s worrying you during the day. Do something you enjoy doing at night such as reading your favorite book or putting on a face mask. Disconnect from the world and focus on yourself.


Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting with your legs crossed or laying down in bed, just close your eyes. Close your eyes and breathe. Think of nothing but the sound of your breath and the slowing of your heart. Think of positive things that you enjoy doing and forget all the worrisome details for the time being. Make this time for yourself every so often to decompress from life’s stress.


Laughing makes the soul happy. It can enhance your mood mentally, by boosting your endorphins which help you to feel happier. Laughing also works to lower your body’s stress hormones. Don’t be afraid to call up a friend who you know can make you laugh or your favorite TV show for a quick chuckle.

Listen to Music

Some people prefer to listen to music while working. If music with words can be distracting to you, classical music such as Chopin can help to soothe the soul.  

Get Moving

Sitting in a ball of stress isn’t good for anyone. Get out and get moving. Take a break and go for a jog or just a walk around the block. Any form of exercise whether it be running, walking, or even yoga can ease the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Take a minute at your office desk to walk to the restroom, breathe, and come back, or even just stand up for a light stretch.

Be Grateful

Don’t forget to stop and be grateful for the life you have. Yes, it is stressful at times, but life is so much more than the nitty gritty of work or school. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the friends you have and the family that care for you. More people are there for you than you realize, and don’t be afraid to talk and open up to them.

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