Use This Warm-Up Routine to Prevent Injury

A 5-minute warm-up routine before a workout is the best way to prevent injuries as it gets the blood flowing, increases your heart rate, and creates oxygen for your muscles. It will add some time to your workout but your performance will improve and you will get better results.

Here are 4 of the best warm-up exercises to do before your next strength workout.

Hip Rotations

Hip rotations can be performed in many ways, standing, sitting, or lying on a mat. You must do both external and internal rotations to get the best results by opening your hips before you squat. As long as you are breathing deeply and keeping your core stabilized it doesn’t matter which position you do them in.

Cossack Squat

This move is great for activating your core and opening your hips. You can do it with body weight or with a small dumbbell, moving side to side, focusing on depth, and keeping your core stabilized. It is also a great exercise for warming up your knees and ankles.

Plank Walkout

A plank walkout is a fabulous warm-up exercise for the entire body, it engages the core and opens your shoulders. You can do 5-10 before each workout to get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing to your muscles.

Shoulder Rotations

There are many ways to warm up your shoulders but the best way is to use a resistance band, as you are working against the band and also strengthening your shoulders at the same time. Mix it up with a wide grip or keep your elbows close to your waste to get good results.

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