Updates for Your Modern Work Wardrobe

Although working from home is an option for an increasing number of us, going into the office remains the reality for the majority of people who work. This means we need to think about office wear and work-appropriate attire, but in the modern era work wear has been updated and refreshed to reflect a more relaxed attitude to formal dress codes. If you want to look chic, polished, and collected when you head into work, check out these three key pieces which will update your work wardrobe and keep you on trend.

Boxy Fitted Shirt

If you’re going to wear a shirt (and why not, they’re smart, practical and stylish), aim for a boxy cut with an unfussy color and no embellishments. Avoid overly fitted shirts, or long ones which need to be tucked in. Too much material ruins the clean lines of your look, and can look bunched and scruffy by the end of the day. Material wise, a linen shirt is ideal in summer, whilst in winter wearing a cotton and silk mix is both sophisticated and on trend.

Satin Skirt

Satin midi skirts remain incredibly popular since taking off a few years ago, and for good reason. Styled right, these skirts can be totally office appropriate and then take you on to after work drinks with no issues. The fit is generally flattering but not too revealing, and the satin material jazzes up what could otherwise be a dull mid-week work outfit.

Modern Pinstripe

A pinstripe pattern can take a standard blazer into the seriously fashionable territory. Go for subtle, fine stripes and only double up if your separates look similar enough to make a suit.

Modern workwear is just that bit more relaxed and fun than previous iterations, but it still needs to be smart and office appropriate. Trying any of these items will tick these boxes, and help you feel ready to face the working week.

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