Try These Yoga Positions for All-Round Fitness

Yoga is a great thing to incorporate into your holistic exercise routines, as it is great for flexibility and also improves the condition of individual muscles and core strength. Here are three yoga positions for you to try that will improve your overall fitness.

Downward dog

As one of the most foundational yoga poses, downward dog is a great way to engage your entire body. It can be used to strengthen the shoulders, arms, as well as your core strength, all whilst stretching your hamstrings and calves. Worked into a yoga routine, it can also improve mindfulness and calm your mind.

Warrior II

Warrior II is quite a dynamic pose in which you stand with one leg bent and one outstretched with an extended arm in front of you and one behind you. It is a stance that targets multiple muscle groups including your core and legs, whilst also improving your balance.

Tree Pose

Tree pose is very good for improving your balance as it involves standing on one leg and bringing the sole of the other leg to the inner of your thigh or calf. This also engages the muscles of your standing leg and promotes stability.

These three yoga positions will all work towards improving your holistic fitness. Incorporating them into your exercise regime will increase your core strength as well as flexibility, which will mean you can train for longer and make even more progress.

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