Trendiest Nail Colors For Your Spring Break Vacation

Okay Ladies, spring break is coming up. For those who love Spring fashion trends because of all the bright colors, floral designs, and the reintroduction of all your light colored clothing, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

But, every fashionista knows that clothes aren’t the only accessories to gear up with come springtime. Choosing that perfect shade of color for your nails may be just as important as choosing what you are going to wear on any given day.

For those looking for some inspiration in terms of what nail color to choose the next time you go to a nail salon, look no further. Here is a list of colors perfect for any special events or just your everyday style during the spring.

If you are going on a fun spring break trip with your friends or parents, consider painting your nails a bright and funky color. Typically in the winter, people don’t go all out with vibrant shades and opt for more neutral and subdued colors.

Thankfully, Spring break is not a time to go for the more neutral option. Go all out in bright yellows, pinks, blues, or really any color that you love.

If you will be spending your Spring break attending interviews or events that call for a more toned down look, consider getting a simple french manicure or choosing a light pink color. These styles go well with virtually any outfit and are very classy.

If you love the Spring but hate vibrant colors, consider painting your nails white. This has been a hot color for the last few years and spring is the perfect opportunity to bring back this cool look.

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