Trendiest Clothes to Wear This Spring

Winter is a great season for fashion. From cute coats to patterned scarves, to interesting layers, Winter will always be one of a fashionista’s favorite times of year. However, Spring has finally arrived. And with Spring, comes all of the new and old fashion trends and outfit combinations that are perfect for this type of weather.

Everyone knows that some of the most popular Spring clothing items include floral patterns, flowy sundresses, and cute headbands. Bright colors, pastels, and funky patterns are definitely still in as well. This Spring, those trends are definitely going to stay consistent, just with the addition of some other outfit varieties as well. Sundresses and floral patterns seemingly will always be in for Spring.

Similarly, jean shorts will still be a popular option as well. However, this year, plan to see more interesting rips, fringes, and cutouts on jean shorts. Finding creative ways to show more skin is definitely in style. Skorts are also pretty big for spring. For nights out on the town with friends, wearing cute and brightly colored skorts are definitely in.

Last Spring in Europe, bright yellow and blue skorts were making appearances in popular stores such as Zara, and the trend has made its way to America this season. Off the shoulder tops are still going to be seen a bunch as well. Crop tops are too. This year, though, look out for crop tops that have a material similar to hair scrunchies. Wearing ripped, cut off jeans is also something that you can expect to see people wearing this Spring.

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