Top Tips If You’re Self-Tanning At Home

Summer’s here, but nowadays you’re much less likely to see people baking themselves with tanning oil in the full sun. More of us are aware of the health and beauty consequences of sun exposure and are therefore seeking alternative ways to get bronzed without the burn. One obvious solution is self-tanning at home, but this beauty treatment isn’t the easiest to self-administer. If you feel like giving it a go, check this advice first to ensure an even, natural-looking application.

Check The Product

Self-tan is one of those products where it pays to spend a bit more. Recognized brands, such as Isle of Paradise and Sally Hansen, will have a smoother, more even application than budget options. If you’re using a cheaper product, make sure you pay extra attention when prepping the skin you’re going to tan, to minimize any risks.

Prepare Your Skin

Self-tan won’t go on evenly if the skin it’s covering isn’t super smooth. Think of your skin like a canvas, and then set to work prepping this canvas. Exfoliate using a product containing glycolic or salicylic acid to cleanse the skin of any dead cells, and then ensure that the exfoliator is washed off the skin so it doesn’t interfere with the self-tan.

Hone Your Technique

Depending on the product you choose, there will be some differences in how you apply the tan, but some general rules of thumb still apply. Firstly, less is more – choose a smallish area of skin to cover (your calf, for example, rather than your entire leg) and start off with a small amount of product. Like foundation, it’s easier to build up layers of tan than it is to remove some once they’re on. Don’t forget to allow plenty of drying time before stepping into those new cream pants.

When done carefully, using high-quality products, self-tanning at home is a simple and cheap way of upping your glow, so why not give it a go?

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