Too Faced Launches New Vegan Makeup Case

Millennial pink is THE color of Gen-Z, and has been for several years. Despite facing burgeoning competition from the huge Gen-Z yellow on Instagram, it seems pink truly is here to stay. Too Faced’s new project with Pop & Suki is sure proof of this.


It all started with a simple Instagram DM! Too Faced, Poppy Jamie, and Suki Waterhouse (last two are behind well-known accessories brand Pop and Suki) came together for a vegan makeup case inspired by Better Than Sex mascara, Too Faced’s cult-favorite best-seller. The vegan leather case, colored in dreamy bubble-gum pink, appeals to the signature aesthetic of both millennial pink brands and features the logos of each brand embossed on one side, gold hardware, and the inscription “Better Than Sex?” on the other side of the case.

Looking through your beauty bag without making a mess is no easy task, and Jamie and Waterhouse are well-aware of this. Jamie says that when they lived together with Suki a few years ago, their bathroom was always a complete and utter mess because they had to take all of the makeup out to find whatever they needed. They were baffled as to why almost all makeup cases had such a narrow opening along the top, making someone spend hours rummaging through them. 


This is why they decided to create a makeup case with easy access to all products via a top flap as well as a solid structure to keep all items safe and protected. 


Another advantage is that the case is the perfect size for traveling.

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