Tips & Tricks You Can Use to Easily Scoop Frozen Ice Cream

Nothing compares to the joy of cracking open a tub of ice cream on a hot summer day, but the trouble starts once you find your ice cream completely frozen. Waiting around until it melts is not an option if you’re craving some ice cream ASAP, but there are other strategies you can use to make it soft and scoopable.

Upside Down Storage

If you’ve already opened an ice cream container, make sure to seal the lid tight and flip it over before putting it back in the freezer. This tested hack will stop the freezer burn from forming on the surface of the ice cream.

Smart Cover-Up

It’s also a good idea to put your ice cream container inside a Ziploc bag before placing it inside the freezer. This bag will act like a protective shield against icy crystals and keep the texture of your ice cream as soft as possible in these conditions.

Heated Spoon

If you weren’t thinking ahead and it’s too late to use one of the previous two hacks, don’t despair. You can still easily scoop your ice cream with a warm spoon so run it under warm water and use it to easily glide right through the frozen ice cream

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